High Peaks TMS

About Dr. Jones

My family and I recently moved to Colorado after four years spent in Hawaii, trading in our surfboards for skiis. We have been having such a great time exploring our beautiful new home. I love to stay active by cycling, hiking, skiing, camping and, the most extreme sport of all, running after my 7 year old triplet boys who truly believe they are ninjas. Before becoming a mom, I was a much more interesting person; I competed in triathlons, embarked upon worldwide adventures, held highly intellectual conversations about philosophy, world events and literature. Now, if I’m being honest, I am lucky to complete a sentence or a thought without being interrupted every few seconds, or to have a discussion about something that doesn’t involve potty humor. I hold on to the hope that one day, it will not take me four separate check-outs at the library to finish a single book.

Our Clinic

We have seen how TMS changes lives and are so excited to be a part of this journey with you. It is truly important that this journey is a very personal one; No two people are the same and neither should your experiences be. We want you to feel special, to feel cared for. High Peaks is a sanctuary where you will spend a few minutes of your day to solely focus on your health and well being. Even the small things matter to us: We will make sure that your favorite snack and beverage are waiting for you. You can listen to music, catch up on some TV/movies, chat with us, or just have some peace and quiet. It’s all about you!

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